iTalk Halloween Contest entries!!
2011.10.30 Sunday 05:51

Vote me!!

How to Vote
1. Choose the photo that you like most.
2. Write in the Comment box
    " I like _____________________."
3. You can vote upto three times only.

Cast your votes not later than 19:30 , October 31st
Vote now!

Fairy Teacher April rides on the turtle.

Is it difficult to wash your face ?Teacher Channe.

Behave to eat  Teacher Cel.

Have  you just woken up ?  Mermaid Teacher Camel

Teacher Charlene had had plastic surery.Good job!

Join the Party !Are you borken heart now ? Mermaid Teacher Ellen.

Are you itch or witch? Teacher Emma.

You scare me !!Teacher Fretche.

I want to meet Fairy Teacher Gee.

Teacher Jay-Ann has been injected.

Teacher Jacky is a peacook or fairy ?

Moomin looks at me ! Teacher Jean.
Greeting Pic.jpg
Who is a Big Cattle?

Don't take a picute in the Church Teacher Jera.

Can I lend my Bruch? Teacher Judy.

I see Teacher Kate's thigh. Good Picture!

Whould you like to have eyewash Teacher Maris?

Are you Mom ??Teacher Maggie

Fairy Teacher Marife.

Say what? You want to be fairy too. Teacher May

Look at my knee! Teacher Minnie

Wow ! Teacher Monique.

Ms Loi.jpg
Horrible!! Ghost or Teacher Loi

Teacher Sachi--------ii ?!! No way!!

Teacher Sarah is spider or Jarinko Chie ?

I'm releived !
Is She a favotite ? Angel Teacher Tracy.
Fairy Teacher Virginia with trees with red
and yellow leaves.

It's reraly to see Teachers Riza's  proud face.

I can't comment about it .Do you think so? Rachlle. 

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2011/10/30 7:18 AM posted by: Tiger Woods
Tracy,Jean, Loi
2011/10/30 7:22 AM posted by: ulphan
Charlene,Chanee, Minnie
2011/10/30 7:54 AM posted by: TS
Gee, Tracy, Cattle
2011/10/30 9:19 AM posted by: MT
I like Charlene, Jean, Kate's pictures.
2011/10/30 10:29 AM posted by: shota
I like Jean's photo the most
2011/10/30 11:06 AM posted by: Haru
I like Jean and Jera
2011/10/30 3:09 PM posted by: GW
April, Jean, Charlene
2011/10/30 4:10 PM posted by: Shinobu
I like Jean's picuture. She has a real sense of humor.
Second is Charlene.
2011/10/30 4:35 PM posted by: tomo
Ilike Charlene's picture the best.Perfect scary!!!!
The other teachers are on the similar good level.
2011/10/30 4:40 PM posted by: Phoebe
Happy Halloween!
It's too difficult to chose the best three from them, Thank you to all of The iTalk Teachers.
However I have to chose until 7:30 in Tokyo time.
So, I like Jean, Gee, and Tracy.
Enjoy Halloween and All Saint's day^^)/~
2011/10/30 4:42 PM posted by: haru
I like the pictures of Ms.Minnie , Ms. Jay-Ann and Ms.Maggie. But every photo is great.
2011/10/30 4:54 PM posted by: Hiroki
I Like Kate,Charlene,Tracy! It is difficult to choose 3.Happy Halloween!!!
2011/10/30 4:55 PM posted by: john
i like minnie
2011/10/30 5:19 PM posted by: Yoshi
2011/10/30 5:37 PM posted by: mi
I like Loi,Jean and Virginia
2011/10/30 5:40 PM posted by: Saemi
I like Sarah,Monique and Charlene.
2011/10/30 5:45 PM posted by: Kazu
I like Jean!!
2011/10/30 5:51 PM posted by: amu
I like teacher Charlene, Loi, Maris.I think there gonna be in my night mare someday!!!Have a Happy Halloween♪
2011/10/30 6:16 PM posted by: satomi
I like Jean's picture!!
2011/10/30 6:19 PM posted by: by mari
l like cute Jean. and beautiful tracy,Gee.
2011/10/30 6:32 PM posted by: Aki
I like Teacher Charlene, Gee and Judy! Happy Halloween to all fabulous teachers!
2011/10/30 6:44 PM posted by: kaoru
I like Teacher Jean, Teacher Tracy, and Teacher Gee! Happy Halloween to all the teachers at iTalk! Thank you.
2011/10/30 7:00 PM posted by: Stephen
I like Gee,Kate and Jacky.
2011/10/30 7:01 PM posted by: keiji
I like april.and sachi.and emma, they are too beautiful and too scary.this is a rial stoly.happy halloween.
2011/10/30 7:08 PM posted by: mari
I like Teacher Charlene, Teacher Jean and Teachr Kate's photo!Happy Halloween:)
2011/10/30 7:52 PM posted by: Sayaka
Charlene, Jera, Monique
2011/10/30 8:03 PM posted by: Tomo
I like Tracy, Kate, Jean.
2011/10/30 8:20 PM posted by: sawa
I like Jean,Fretche and April.
2011/10/30 8:26 PM posted by: Yohei
I like Jay-Ann, Jera and Judy.
2011/10/30 8:27 PM posted by: Makiko
Monique.Judy, Rachlle.

2011/10/30 8:44 PM posted by: Lisa
I like Jean Charlene
2011/10/30 9:05 PM posted by: chiaki
I like Jean !
2011/10/30 9:06 PM posted by: Yato
I like Teacher Rachelle,Tracy,Charlene.
2011/10/30 9:15 PM posted by: masa
i like Teacher Minnie
i like Teacher Rachlle.
i like Teacher Channe

2011/10/30 9:16 PM posted by: Roi
I like these. 1:Gee-The cutest. 2:Jean-The cow costume is cute. 3:Rachlle- She has not already been the tutor Rachlle on this photo.
2011/10/30 9:17 PM posted by: Ayu
I like Jean,Virginia,Charlene.
2011/10/30 9:34 PM posted by: miko
I like Jean's picture.
2011/10/30 9:35 PM posted by: Ryo
I like teacher Carmel, Maggie and Rachelle's picture.
2011/10/30 9:36 PM posted by: Rie
I like teacher Carmel, Maggie and Virginia's picture.
2011/10/30 9:43 PM posted by: Coach
I like April,Fretch,Jean
2011/10/30 9:47 PM posted by: Ayana
I like Minnie, Jean and Kate!
2011/10/30 10:05 PM posted by: Koji
I like Maris,Fretche,Cel.
Their pictures are very scary.
However, they aren't too scary.
That'a Halloween celebration.
2011/10/30 10:16 PM posted by: pulumeria
I like Jean!!
2011/10/30 10:16 PM posted by: Mai Kikuchi
Fretche teacher is vert strong.

2011/10/30 11:02 PM posted by: YUKI
I like Jean..
She looks very strong!!
2011/10/30 11:07 PM posted by: Nobu
I like Virginia,Jean,Charlene!
2011/10/30 11:11 PM posted by: Shiori
I like Fretche, Jean, Charlene.
2011/10/30 11:16 PM posted by: ken
jean jera sarah
2011/10/30 11:30 PM posted by: Yoshimi
I like Cel, Charlene, Monique pictures.
2011/10/30 11:39 PM posted by: kamo
I like Jean's and Jera's photo.
2011/10/31 12:17 AM posted by: Kuniyoshi
Charlene, Jean, and Rachlle
2011/10/31 1:05 AM posted by: Tatsuya
I like Maggie,Virginia,and Jera.
2011/10/31 1:17 AM posted by: Hide(HH)
I like Minnie, Channe and Maris.
2011/10/31 6:31 AM posted by: Mai
I like charlene,Jean, and Fretche.
2011/10/31 6:33 AM posted by: toshi
Minnie, Sachi and Jean !
2011/10/31 6:35 AM posted by: KT
I like Jean,Tracy and Minnie.
2011/10/31 8:40 AM posted by: KANA
Everyone has done a great job, but teacher Jean won my vote!
2011/10/31 8:47 AM posted by: TK
I like jean, April and May.
2011/10/31 9:30 AM posted by: Yusuke
Tracy is like an old hollywood star.
2011/10/31 10:19 AM posted by: Keiko
I like Gee! She is so cute.

2011/10/31 10:27 AM posted by: tomo
Charlene & Rachlle !! They are so scary.
And I also like beautiful teacher Tracy.
2011/10/31 11:40 AM posted by: Nori
I like Teacher Kate, Channe and Tracy.
2011/10/31 11:48 AM posted by: Kumiko
I like Jean,Maris,and Virginia.
2011/10/31 11:50 AM posted by: ayu
I like Gee, Kate and Ema.
2011/10/31 12:44 PM posted by: Judy
Charlene, Jean and Rachell are my favorite pictures because this is Halloween contest. Charlene and Rachell are scarery. Jean is so funny.
2011/10/31 12:44 PM posted by: Mammy
I like May, Emma and kate.
2011/10/31 1:51 PM posted by: Anny
I like the one of Charlene, Chanee and Gee!
2011/10/31 2:06 PM posted by: maki
I like Charles, Rachelle and Monique' pictures best. I mean most scary.
2011/10/31 2:13 PM posted by: yuki
I like Jean.
2011/10/31 2:41 PM posted by: Nori
Jean, Fretch and Tracy. They are so nice!
2011/10/31 4:13 PM posted by: sa
I like Jean,Sachi and Rachlle.
2011/10/31 4:28 PM posted by: Miho
I like Fretche, Loi and Sachi.
2011/10/31 5:02 PM posted by: tama
I like Minnie!! Happy Halloween!!
2011/10/31 5:03 PM posted by: Nazuna
I like teacher Sachi, Maggie, and Jacky.
2011/10/31 5:25 PM posted by: Moto
Midterm Sum
Top 10
Jean 39
Charlere 23
Tracy 13
Gee 10
Rachelle 10
Kate 9
Minnie 8
Virginia 7
Fretche 7
Jera 6
2011/10/31 5:38 PM posted by: Kanako
Teacher Charlene, Jean, Rachell!
2011/10/31 5:41 PM posted by: Hatsue
I like teacher Jean.
She plays cards with a skeleton. COOL
2011/10/31 6:03 PM posted by: Nao
I like Tracy,May,Kate. They are very beautiful.
2011/10/31 6:09 PM posted by: Aki
Chanee Sachi Monique
2011/10/31 6:11 PM posted by: Kosuke
I like Fretche, Jean, Emma!
2011/10/31 6:13 PM posted by: Kosuke
Because it's good!!
2011/10/31 6:25 PM posted by: satosato
I like Chanee, Fretche,Riza.
Happy Halloween!!
2011/10/31 6:27 PM posted by: kayo
I like kate,Fretche,Rachlle.
2011/10/31 6:31 PM posted by: Tsubasa
Happy halloween! I like Teacher Sachi, Maggie, Rachelle
2011/10/31 6:48 PM posted by: Yuki
I like Teacher Sachi Maggie and Jacky
2011/10/31 7:05 PM posted by: rie
2011/10/31 7:28 PM posted by: sofuyu
2011/10/31 7:43 PM posted by: Moto
Thank you for your vote.
The final Sum
1, Jean 42
2, Chalene24
3, Rachelle and Tracy 14
5, Kate and Gee 11
7, Fretche 10
8, Minnie 9
9, Maggie and chanee and Virginia and Sachi 7
13, Monique and Jera 6

2011/10/31 8:05 PM posted by: Moto
Thank you for your vote.
The final Sum
1, Jean 42
2, Chalene24
3, Rachelle and Tracy 14
5, Kate and Gee 11
7, Fretche 10
8, Minnie 9
9, Maggie and chanee and Virginia and Sachi 7
13, Monique and Jera 6

2011/10/31 8:31 PM posted by: aki
I like Charlene and Jean!!
2011/10/31 8:35 PM posted by: iTalk Teachers
To all the students, thank you very much for the support. You made our contest exciting and complete. Thank you!!!
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